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Solara Outdoor Living Collection

 Solara Iron Doors & Lighting: Where Homeowners Turn For Distinctive Wrought Iron Elements to

If you take a look at the wrought iron doors, outdoor lighting landscapes, and ornamental accents throughout some of the most prestigious neighborhoods, chances are Solara was involved.

Since 1995, Solara Iron Doors & Lighting has become a fixture in the upscale residential design community. Based on our reputation in the field as a premiere wrought iron door and lighting custom manufacturer, Solara is often the one and only source for architectural doors and gas or electric lighting recommended by top designers and architects.

Just as unique as our wrought iron doors, lighting and accents is our customer service. As a Solara customer, you work one-on-one with a highly skilled associate who will work tirelessly to create your iron works to your exact specifications. Our iron artisans take your iron entryway or iron wine cellar door from there, carefully hand forging every inch for a one-of-a-kind design.

Solara offers an extensive line of standard gas and electric lights to complement the wrought iron door design of your choice or you have the freedom to create a custom design of your own. Carrying the same motif throughout your home or landscape with our ironwork is easy with our capacity to customize additional iron exterior railings, gates and decorative wrought iron chandeliers.

In a “been there, done that” world, it is becoming more difficult to create a truly unique style. Browse through our online showcase of custom iron doors and lighting or locate a showroom near you for endless possibilities.

Solara design team can add a special glow to all your outdoor lifestyle entertainment with one of our custom designed systems. Dramatic works of light will illuminate your outdoor kitchen, pool/spa, patio, walkways, and landscaping highlighting your unique personality.